Mendel is away this weekend attending the international conference (called “Kinus”) of Chabad Lubavitch emissaries (called “Shluchim”) from around the world. While not all are in attendance, several thousand came in for it, and there’s incredible vibe and comraderie, and so many opportunities for idea, programming and organizational exchanges, encouragement, support and inspiration. There were sessions all Thursday (Mendel came in late on Thursday from Albany) and most of Friday, special Shabbat atmosphere and it culminates with a grand banquet seating 5K+ in a converted giant pier/warehouse in Brooklyn.

The KINUS BANQUET event is viewable online, program begins on Sunday November 3rd, 5:30pm, keynote speakers include former Senator (and VP candidate) Joe Lieberman of CT and late in the program Rabbi Dov Greenberg of Stanford University Chabad, an articulate Chabad on Campus colleague and friend. Then Banquet is more of a gala affair than a practical workshop, but it has some special moments each year, a spontaneous dance that has become tradition, a global roll-call, and several fine addresses. One of the dramatic moments of this Banquet will be the recital of a Psalm led by the Rabbi Ithshakov who was shot by terrorists last year and recovered (BH!) to return to his post and attend this Kinus!