The University at Albany has several unique features of importance to Jewish students:

It is known for having a significant Jewish population. While perhaps not as large as some of the circulating lists suggest, UAlbany attracts many Jewish students each year from NYC, Westchester and Long Island, as well as Upstate NY, and many NJ students as well. While not all choose to be active in our Jewish campus community, there is a large pool of students, from diverse and varied Jewish backgrounds and affiliations.

UAlbany is one of the only campuses in the nation where Chabad (Shabbos House) and Hillel have a long-standing cooperative understanding and close working relationship. We coordinate calendars to avoid conflicting events, alternate hosting Friday Night Dinners (see Shabbat Page) which helps create a more unified Jewish campus community. Many students have considered this to be a unique blessing and important feature of their UAlbany college experience.

UAlbany has a built-in Kosher Dining program that is part of the University itself. Located in Dutch Quad cafeteria since the 1970’s, the Kosher meal plan has a meat and pareve all you can eat buffet, and is supervised by the Vaad HaKashruth of the Capital District. The University dining services also operates Dreidels Cafe (since early 2000’s) in the Campus Center which serves bagels, shmears and several other dairy options.

There are many opportunities to get involved and active in Jewish life at UAlbany. Shabbos House (Chabad) and the L’chaim student group, as well as UAlbany Hillel staff and the Hillel student group offer a spectrum of ongoing and special activities and events. See the Programs Page and Events Calendar for details.

Every Shabbat and Jewish holiday that falls during the University’s academic calendar will have prayer services and festive meals available. As mentioned above, Friday Nights alternate between Shabbos House (Chabad) and UAlbany Hillel, but all Shabbat Lunches are hosted at Shabbos House, and the same is for all Jewish holiday meals such as Sukkot, Passover etc. In addition, Shabbos House also hosts Cozy-Shabbat meals during select weekends of the academic breaks during mid-winter and summer months.

For  more detailed info on UAlbany Jewish Life, see our PROSPECTIVE STUDENTS PAGE