Founded in 1976, Shabbos House aims to be a “Home Away From Home” for students at UAlbany, providing a full spectrum of programs and services which are at the heart of Jewish life on campus.

Name notwithstanding, Shabbos House is open and operates all week long, permeated with the vibe, spirit and atmosphere of Shabbat, where all aspects are imbued with meaning, tradition and warmth.

The Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center at UAlbany provides a welcoming home away from home with student-friendly synagogue services, Sabbath and holiday dinners, programs, events and atmosphere, educational and cultural opportunities, as well as counseling and support.

Instead of the terms Jewish People or Jewish community, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (of blessed memory)  would often say “each and every Jew” to highlight the uniqueness and infinite value of each person as an individual, and collectively as part of the community. He repeatedly quoted Isaiah’s “and you will be gathered one by one…” This verse is inscribed on our Ark.

It’s the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s unique vision, especially his insistence that every Jew is truly family, that inspires us every day. We’re proud and honored to be “Shluchim” (husband & wife teams doing the Rebbe’s work) and to be among “The Rebbe’s Army” more than 3,000 families strong all around the world – wherever Jews may be.

The Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center, independently funded and operated since 1976, is a 501(c)3 non-profit project of Capital Chabad Centers (Fed ID: 23-743-8519), and is affiliated with the International Chabad on Campus Foundation.

Chabad Lubavitch Centers of the Capital District serves the Jewish (and general) community, with user-friendly access to educational, social and communal activities, in our family-based, home-style community centers, utilizing creative media to nurture values, traditions and opportunities for youth and families.


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