The UAlbany Jewish Womens Group is co-sponsored by UAlbany Hillel and Shabbos House Chabad. We meet monthly, usually on or around Rosh Chodesh (first of the Hebrew month) which is traditionally a womens holiday.

There’s a bit of learning and inspiration, usually a hands-on craft or activity, and sometimes a guest speaker or presenter. Light and healthy refreshments are served, and it’s a relaxing and comfortable setting for Jewish girls of all backgrounds and affiliations to connect and celebrate.

Some of our past Womens Group celebrations: Mosaics, decorative oil-bottles, Zumba Night, duct-tape art, Kabbalah-Yoga, Spa Night, Cosmetology etc.

Another special favorite is the Girls Sleepover, usually in late November when Rabbi Mendel is away on his International Chabad conference.