Chanukah 2021 begins on Sunday night at the end of Thanksgiving Weekend. We have a week’s full of events and activities, at Shabbos House and on campus, as well as nightly opportunities for Menorah lighting. We also have Chanukah supplies for students who can/wish to celebrate in their own apartments and such. Let’s make this Chanukah 2021 extra bright! 

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See this online PRE-CHANUKAH FORM to signup for: (1) Mystery Maccabee (give a $10 gift to a randomly assigned fellow student) (2) invite a Jewish professor to our “Major” Menorah lighting at the Small Fountain on Thursday night (3) to be a contestant at our Latke Eating Contest on Sat Night Dec 4th. 

Remember, you can come light your Menorah and enjoy Chanukah treats and vibe each night at Shabbos House! 


7pm Welcome Back Menorah Lighting with Dinner and Chanukah Treats


8pm Chanukah Party with sizzling delicious homemade Latkes, and a gorgeous doughnut wall -for both photos and noshing!


Community Car-Menorah Parade will be coming through campus just after 4pm on Tuesday, entering on Western Ave, passing Empire Commons,  exiting on Washington Ave, and making a big circle at Collins Circle. Come out to see it, it will be passing through quickly! 

Torah-Tuesday, Chanukah-themed, of course. “Lights” film excerpts and commentary at 7:45pm, over a dairy dinner. Did you know that dairy foods are a Chanukah tradition, too?


Hot Latke Table outside the Campus Center at the Small Fountain (Podium Level). Stop by between 11am-2pm for a warm taste of Chanukah on a chilly UAlbany December day! Plus we have gelt, and dreidels and treats. 

Remember, as on every night of Chanukah, students are welcome to stop by after nightfall, to linger, hangout at Shabbos House to light their Menorahs and take in the candlelight and Chanukah spirit! 


“Major” Menorah Lighting with students and faculty at the UAlbany Small Fountain, at 5:45pm. Join for this brief outdoor communal lighting ceremony, as the Menorah reaches its tipping point of ever-increasing light! 

Also look for a Hillel Chanukah event later that Thursday evening. 


4:00pm Friday Light! Remember that on Fridays, Chanukah Menorahs must be kindled before sunset! Come light your Menorah at 4pm (sundown comes early this time of year!) followed by “Kiddush and Cheese” at Shabbos House. We’ll walk over to the Hillel Shabbat dinner afterwards. 

6:00pm Prayers and 7:00pm Shabbat Chanukah Dinner with Hillel in Campus Center Room 375


Grand Chanukah Party 6:15-7:45pm at Shabbos House with the Mystery Maccabee Gifting (we’ll have extra gifts for those who didn’t sign up earlier), the Latke Eating Contest with live play-by-play action (contestants can sign up using the pre-Chanukah form at the top of this page), and personalized Doughnut topping and decorating! 


Minyan Brunch (with Hallel and Chanukah Torah Reading) at 11:00am

Community-wide outdoor street Chanukah festival on Schenectady’s Jay Street, near City Hall. More info at with illusionist, entertainment, live music and break-dancers, activity booths (one run by our UAlbany Shabbos House Lchaim students) and much more. Great way to celebrate Chanukah outdoors with the broader local community! 

Students are welcome to come light their Menorahs, as on every night of the holiday, in the evening at Shabbos House. Sunday night will be the eighth and last night of Chanukah 2021! 


Mendel and Raizy


KOSHER DINING UPDATESPlease see this page with Info, FAQs and some important links about the Kosher Meal Plan at UAlbany for the year 2021-2022. 

See the email for links to join the “Shabbos House Students” and the “Kosher on Fuller” Whatsapp groups for additional updates. 







SIGNUP FORM for keep-in-touch at Shabbos House.… we send out a weekly email with event updates for that week.  If you don’t get our emails (alumni: a couple times a month, student updates weekly) please let us know so we can add you to the email list. Stay in touch, keep in the loop! 

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Love, Mendel & Raizy