As soon as Graduation Weekend was over we got straight away to work on the Maimonides School Dinner (June 4th). We’re working on the Journal/Yearbook, two videos and all the catering stuff. Yes, we have to get back to lots of Shabbos House stuff and set up a summer schedule of trips & visits, reunions, Cozy-Shabbat and such, but will get to that soon!

See for Cozy Shabbat dates listing, dates of summertime alumni reunions and get-together opportunities in CT, Long Island, Midtown Manhattan and Queens NY, along with a signup form. Some reunion get-togethers require signup RSVP for security/access purposes. 

Incoming students and families! Look for us at Orientations this July and PLEASE reach out to us with any questions or needs while you are up here! 

Gimmel (3rd of) Tammuz this year is the Rebbe’s 25th yartzeit. As we’ve done in past years, we’ve collected a spectrum of some of the most recent articles, videos, personal impressions, and stories. Take a look, grow in appreciation and inspiration and internalize that which speaks to you. And we’re hosting “My Rebbe Story – Albany Edition” a communal event here at Shabbos House, July 10th 7:30-8:3pm. 

If you don’t get our emails (alumni: a couple times a month, student updates weekly) please let us know so we can add you to the email list. Stay in touch, keep in the loop! 

We’re now trying to maximize summertime and plan ahead for the Fall semester! 

More updates soon, 
Love, Mendel & Raizy

PS: Summer is also time for the annual Chabad on Campus Raffle – at zero cost to Shabbos House. Use this link and all tickets go directly to Shabbos House!