Dear friends,

We usually keep to our scheduled semester line-up of Torah-Tuesdays, but we’re making an exception this week: Simcha Weinstein, happens to be in town tomorrow for advocacy at the Capitol and he is the also enthusiastic author of “Up, Up & Oy Vey!” a Jewish commentary on superheroes, We’re asking Simcha to speak to us about “Mentsch in Tights” at 8pm only (no 6pm class this week) over a Felafel buffet dinner starting 7:30pm with lots of desserts and extras. He’ll begin his talk at 8pm. Come armed with your superhero knowledge, or even without it, there should be something light, fun and meaningful for everyone.

There’ll be KOF (Kosher-on-Fuller) dinners on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, with updates and menus posted on the KOF Whatsapp.

This Shabbat will be a Hillel Dinner (remember Shabbat dinner is now 7:00pm until clocks change back in Spring) in the Campus Center Room 375. Shabbat Day Minyan 10:30am followed by Lunch, as usual at Shabbos House.

Sat Night will be Hillel’s Winter Formal at the Madison Theater (contact them for details), so we’ll skip Pizza and Havdalah at Shabbos House for this Sat Night.

This weekend in Brooklyn is the annual Chabad International Shluchim Kinus Conference. Usually Mendel goes for the whole weekend but he’ll be here for Shabbat and go down with his father (thankfully continues to recover BH) for the Kinus Banquet event on Sunday. For those who’d like to watch the Banquet live, its a well-produced event with lots of content, tune in to for live-stream at 4:30pm on Sunday. George Rohr, a major funder of Chabad on Campus, and a key sponsor of the new Shabbos House that we all enjoy, will be the keynote speaker.

Monday night before Thanksgiving Break there’ll be a Girls-Nite-In making Menorah Trays out of gorgeous resin. No Torah-Tuesday next week as many will be on their way (or already) home.

We’ll be away for Thanksgiving. Hope is to go on a road trip west to one of Raizy’s sisters in the Midwest, but still finalizing our plans.

No Chanukah this year on campus, as it falls later during winter break. But the board wants to bring back a pre-Chanukah party. Mystery Maccabee and all! Stay tuned for into on that.

Best wishes in whatever you have to cram in or get done before Thanksgiving Break. Once you get back its the Home-Stretch of the semester.

Mendel and Raizy