The amazing holiday season is behind us now, or should say we’re keeping the inspiration with us going forward!

Back to regular programming now: This last week in October we have SUNDAY (10/27) Minyan Brunch, MONDAY (10/28) Conversations at Kosher 12:30-1:30pm, TUESDAY (10/29) TorahTuesday on Water in Biblical and Modern Israel at 5:45 and 7:45pm, WEDNESDAY (10/30) Night Girls Nite In making pillows and such from old Shabbat 360 tshirts, THURSDAY (10/31) night Great Danes for Israel shows SPY here with dinner, and then we have FRIDAY (11/1) Shabbat Dinner here. Plus we may table one day… Stay tuned!

and we’re gearing up for PEGISHA (the Chabad on Campus International Shabbaton in Brooklyn) Nov 8-10… we have a nice group going from UAlbany, Mendel and Raizy will be going down with them, joining maybe 1,000 students from Chabad Houses across the country and even the world! Rates go up significantly after the Monday 10/28 early-bird expires, let Raizy and Mendel know if you have any questions, concerns and such. You have to apply online at 

Are you interested in StudyAway this winter break at welcoming Yeshiva programs (for both men and women) in Jerusalem, Tzfat, Miami, Morristown and other places? We can get you travel grants and other assistance and help you match up with suitable and fitting programs for your needs and interests. Talk to us soon while grants are available. 

SIGNUP FORM for keep-in-touch at Shabbos House.… we send out a weekly email with event updates for that week.  If you don’t get our emails (alumni: a couple times a month, student updates weekly) please let us know so we can add you to the email list. Stay in touch, keep in the loop! 

More updates soon, 
Love, Mendel & Raizy