The holiday season is behind us, but what a season it was! Hopefully, we can harness that memorable warmth, energy and inspiration to channel it into the year ahead…

COMING UP: Shabbaton/Pegisha Weekend in NYC over Nov 3-5 with a nice UAlbany Group (thanks to team back home at UAlbany for keeping up the Minyan and reading Torah etc). Look for our online Charidy crowd-funding matchathon campaign for early December, date TBA. Chanukah Plans soon to be announced. It falls over Finals Week this year.

TORAH-TUESDAY LINE-UP: Check out the class topics and schedule for Fall 2017… quite a mix of things, come when you can.

SOME NEW INITIATIVES: We’ve begun our new social-action project “Excess-Access, Share the Wealth” will bring Shabbos House-made food to locals and seniors who’d appreciate it, stay tuned for ways to get involved with that program on Sundays (funded by a grant from the local Bnai Brith Gideon Foundation). Our new for this Fall “Conversations at Kosher” each Monday Lunch at Indian Kosher Dining is now ongoing as is  Women’s Wisdom” during Mincha after lunch on Shabbos afternoons.

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors