Dear friends,

We’re back from Thanksgiving and now in homestretch of this Fall 2023 semester!

TUES 11/28 – last Torah-Tues!
Tonight is the last Torah-Tuesday of the semester, hard to believe. Topic is “Light & Vessel” a touch of Kabbalah and Chassidus that has lots of life relevance. Class is at 6pm and 9pm (come for whichever works) along with dairy dinner.

WED 11/29 – guest class & lunch from Brooklyn
Something different this Wednesday. Shimon Elbaz’s Rabbi Hayoun (from Yeshiva of Flatbush and the Syrian community’s Kesher program for their alumni) is coming up for a visit and shiur study, and bringing lunch from Brooklyn. 1pm at Shabbos House. Might be best let Shimon (or us) know if you plan to come.

KOF (Kosher-on-Fuller) Dinner will be 6:30-8pm as usual on Wednesday.

THURS 11/30 – stop by the table!
Stop by our Mitzvah and Info table inside the Campus Center on Thursday 11am-2pm (or maybe 3pm).

KOF Dinner on Thursday 6:30-8pm.

FRIDAY 12/1 – last Shabbat before Finals, and a Chassidic holiday!
It’s December, wow! Candle-lighting 4:05pm, Prayers in CC at 6:20pm, Shabbat Dinner with Hillel at 7pm. Oneg/Farbrengen follows back at Shabbos House after dinner. This Shabbat is 19th of Kislev, a big Chassidic holiday. We also have a guest this Shabbat, Rabbi Kogan and his wife are visiting, we have alumni and students who know him from Hillcrest (Queens) Jewish Center.

SHABBAT DAY 12/2 – note changes!
UAlbany Football is in the playoffs, 2nd round! And they’re playing at 12pm. Students are welcome to here usual time for prayer and study if you wish (but no Minyan), and we’ll serve lunch at 12pm. We’ll do a post-game Torah Reading and Musaf along with Kiddush spread at 2:45/3pm after game ends. Let’s try to make Minyan for that. No doubt we’ll also get some post-game reviews (and hopefully celebration!).

Shabbat ends 5:09pm. Havdalah, Pizza and Matt’s Media Messages will be 7:30pm. We hope to screen a Nissim Black fundraiser concert for Israel (some of students parents are organizers) streaming live at 8pm.

SUNDAY 12/3 – Israel webinar at Minyan Brunch. 
Minyan Brunch will be 10:45am. 12pm will be a live Zoom webinar with Neil Lazarus on “Combating anti-Israel Myths on Social-Media” sponsored by CAMERA, organized for UAlbany by Ari Klein. This is can be valuable & insightful information in times like these. We do encourage students to attend, and there may be a little bonus for those who can make this hybrid webinar in-person at Shabbos House.

Looking ahead to next week: Hoping to have pre-Chanukah Latke Table outside at Small Fountain on Monday 12/4. Midnight Breakfast 10pm-Midnight on Tuesday night 12/5 eve of Reading Day. Chanukah begins Thursday Night 12/7 and we’re hoping to arrange an outdoor Public Menorah Lighting on Podium. Stay tuned. We will have Menorah lighting and Chanukah treats each night of Chanukah here during Finals, plus stay tuned for a special Chanukah party – maybe Sat Night. Details TBA. Shabbat of Finals Week & Chanukah will be at Shabbos House.

Interesting Israel Opportunity: This might not be for everyone, but its a unique opportunity in a unique time. It’s split between Active-Volunteering/Torah-Study/Advocacy-learning. Cost for 3 weeks in Israel is $250 and there’s $1000 towards your airfare. Let’s discuss if you are interested. Not all students/parents may be up to it, but for those who are, this may be a good way to be there FOR Israel and IN Israel this winter break.

Other Winter Break Study Opportunities: There are a bunch of learning opportunities available as close as Jersey, as far as Florida, with special deals and arrangements. Let us know if you’d like to study some Torah, enjoy meaningful Jewish experiences this winter break.

Much success with last week of classes, finals papers and cramming.

Mendel and Raizy

Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center
Rabbi Mendel & Raizy Rubin, Directors
320 Fuller Road Albany NY 12203
(518) 438-4227
Mendel: 518-526-0770 Raizy: 518-772-7299