Dear friends,

Freshmen Move-In is underway! Earlier than ever this year, freshmen move-in week begins Sunday August 14th.

We’ll be at Shabbos House trying to plan and prepare for the new semester, but also will come around on our big 3-wheel Mitzvah-Bike with our big SHALOM UALBANY wraparound sign with some welcome treats and to see how we can help you settle in and acclimate to Jewish UAlbany.

Are you getting our student emails? Those weekly emails will have the most info about upcoming events. We also have a Whatsapp Group with event details and updates, and also separate Whatsapp groups for Kosher and for Minyans. They aren’t too much overload but do keep event info relevant and pertinent and handy.

Yes, we are starting up Kosher Dinners at Shabbos House (aka “Kosher-on-Fuller) on Monday August 15th. The Kosher lunches should start up on Tuesday at the 518-Market but they are by pre-order only via the Kosher-Opt-In (Kosher on Fuller dinners on non Shabbos House event nights) also works via the UAlbany Dining Kosher Opt-In.

Basic Instructions for Kosher Opt-In (if you are having trouble, we have students who can help you). You can opt-in under Dining/Kosher in your Mobile ID app, and should also email as well. For freshmen (or anyone on unlimited) the Kosher Bonus (which still enables you to eat in any dining hall as well) costs $125 a semester (should this be an issue, please contact us for a subsidy) and for students on discount dollar or munch-money there is no added cost to do the Kosher Opt In, but you still have to opt-in.

All freshman and quite a few returning students are moved in by this first weekend and its a very special welcome Shabbat.

On Friday night (Aug 20) we’ll have walking groups leaving all 4 Quads for both prayer or a little later for dinner, whichever you choose. These walking groups help you meet people and find the best route to Shabbos House. Prayers: 6:40pm from Indigenous and State Quads, 6:45pm from Colonial and Dutch Quads. Shabbat Dinner: 7:40pm from Indigenous and State Quads, 7:45pm from Colonial and Dutch Quads. The walking groups will meet at the Center Archways of each Quad. (If you have floor meetings or such, religious services are a valid exemption).

On Shabbat Day (Aug 20) we have 10:30am Minyan and 12:30pm lunch. Please remember that you are very welcome for Shabbat meals even if you don’t come to Shabbat prayers, in fact, most or many students do that. Shabbos ends 8:34pm. We’ll do a little light meal around 7:30pm before the end of Shabbos, and maybe some pizza at 9:30pm after Shabbos ends.

Sunday morning (Aug 21) Minyan at 11am followed by Brunch (eventually will also have a short Sunday Talmud study)

Sunday afternoon (Aug 21) 4-6pm look for our table at GreatDanetopia…

Sunday evening (Aug 21) Welcome (Back) BBQ & Firepit event at Shabbos House. 6:30-8:30pm. Walking groups from Quads.

Tuesday evening (Aug 23) this week’s topic is “All Together Now – T.G.I.H.” and the two times we’ll schedule. We’ll schedule this semester’s times based on this Torah-Tuesday Poll.


Best wishes for a wionderful prep for and start of the new Fall 2022 semester!

Mendel and Raizy