Winter Alumni Reunion Weekend on Long Island – Sat Night 1/6/18 Get-Together 6:30pm at an alumni home in West Hempstead (we will be there for Shabbat, too) Hope the weather won’t be too much of a deterrent…

Looking forward to Spring 2018 semester, save these important dates:

2/16-17: Alternate Parents Weekend at Shabbos House
2/23: Shabbat 360 2018!
2/28-3/1: Purim UAlbany!
3/30-4/7: Passover Seders & Holiday Meals
5/18-21: Extended Graduation Wknd with Shavuot Holiday

Current Students (only) click here for a poll for your input to tweak/improve Torah-Tuesdays. And then a schedule of classes will follow.

Backend at Shabbos House: Yes, we’re entering data, sending out year-end Thank You letters for 2017 contributions, organizing and sorting, preparing and planning for the Spring Semester. We also hope to get a “What’s Cooking?” newsletter ready for publication before Spring 2018 begins.

Rabbi Mendel and Raizy Rubin
Shabbos House Directors