In addition to the ongoing study opportunities and experiences at Shabbos House while at UAlbany, there are numerous Yeshiva-study and Jewish immersion experiences (partnering with Chabad on Campus International) available during winter and summer breaks available at little or no cost to students. These opportunities are as close as NYC, NJ and the Catskill Mountains, and as far as Miami and Key West Florida, and of course Israel. Speak to Rabbi Mendel and Raizy for advice on the program that may best fit your individual needs, personal style and growth.

Here’s a partial list, links coming soon…

ISRAELINKS – This is a 3-week post-birthright, meaningful immersion program, seeing Israel in a deeper, richer, more meaningful way. Yes, there’s lots of touring, activities etc, but there’s also in-depth learning and discussion with world-class yet with-it Rabbis and Rebbetzins. This isn’t for everyone, but all Albany students who went said that was an incredible experience with lasting effect.

SNORKEL & STUDY – Sorry guys, this is for girls only. Once a year over winter break, Bais Chana offers this study program in Florida with top-notch teachers and a thought-provoking atmosphere. It’s Florida in wintertime, and refreshing in many ways.

YESHIVA SCHOLARSHIP – Once again, Chabad on Campus is facilitating a Yeshiva-study scholarship for students who have not yet had opportunity to study in a Yeshiva. There is a winter scholarship and a summer one, that can be applied to both tuition and travel costs, both here in the US as well as in Israel. Serious students only, this is a full-time learning experience for a few weeks, but may give you Torah-study skills and a learning appetite for a lifetime.

ILTSE – Rabbi Mendel and Raizy have positive, personal experiences with the Ivy League Torah Study Program/Experience. It runs for about a month’s time (usually June-July) with men’s and women’s programs in two Upstate NY locations, and it pays a stipend of $1,000-$1,800 for students who participate. It is geared to students with no prior full-time Jewish education, and is welcoming and understanding of all levels of Jewish observance. The staff-student ratio makes for lots of wonderful study and growth opportunities. In years past, we actually stayed on-site at the program teaching there for 7 summers. In recent years Rabbi Mendel travels twice a week to the girls program to teach Talmud and another subject or two.

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