We’re blessed with students who take initiative, step up to the plate, roll up their sleeves and help out. It takes a lot to make meals for so many students, to set-up beforehand, and clean-up afterward, to shlep and shop and get things done. And students who invest time, talent and energy to make events successful or think up new events and programs. You know Goldilocks story? UAlbany’s Jewish community is large enough to have many Jewish programs and resources, but small enough for individuals to make a real difference with their contributions and dedication.


The L’chaim Student Board is an SA funded recognized student group a team of students who work closely with Shabbos House. Executive positions are elected, general board positions are applied for and approved by Executive Board. All board members meet regularly to brainstorm and plan events, as well as prepare and execute – all work together, but some members have specific interests and availability.

The Hillel Student Board has elected positions and they plan, prepare and execute Hillel events. There is now also a Board of Great Danes for Israel

Serving in leadership positions helps our campus community, and is also an excellent personal growth opportunity for the student leaders themselves, as they assume responsibilities, grow into positions, learn teamwork and develop creativity and flexibility and allow talents and skills to blossom. Plus, it’s invested involvement in Jewish life!


If a full-time board position isn’t for you, or even if you serve on a different board, there an opportunities to help on certain informal committees for special events, help with tabling, or as part of the Shabbos Prep team, or those who work on Minyans, or our annual JSAM Social Action endeavor etc.


This is a big undertaking on a weekly basis. Almost every Thursday evening students come over to help cook, prep, bake and also set-up the tables in the main room for Shabbos. In addition to being a huge help, it’s also a good time for comraderie and conversation. No commitment necessary, just come when you can!

More Volunteer Opportunities to be posted soon!


Students can volunteer at Shabbos House for 60 hours (2 credits) or 100 hours (3 credits) for a pass/fail course each semester. We accept a limited number of CPSP volunteers, who by putting in the time get a sneak peak behind the inner workings of Shabbos House and get a little feel on how this non-profit works.

In addition to regular ongoing volunteering at Shabbos House – as above (aside for board positions), some students have worked on specific projects such as the Shabbos House Cookbook, special events etc.


This is a program (begun in 2017) that involves student volunteers to package excess food from Shabbat or Holidays at Shabbos House (as available) in a dignified way to deliver to and share with local seniors who’d appreciate it, or with those of limited income or food preparation ability.


UAlbany students volunteer with the Friendship Circle to visit children with special needs on a weekly basis, staff their summer camp, or the monthly Sunday Circles held at the Maimonides School on Partridge Street in Albany. Visit CapitalFriends.org to see how you can get involved.

More local opportunities to be posted soon…