III – Invest in Israel is a program that began (in a more organized and focused way) at Shabbos House in the Fall semester of 2016 thanks to the insistence, encouragement and support of a local businessman as well as support from Chabad on Campus and other national organizations to do more to educate and engage college students about Israel.

The goal is to provide a variety of educational, cultural and religious programming – investing in that connection in many forms ranging from speakers to classes, movie nights and special Shabbat dinners. The key to “invest” here isn’t only financial as in Israel Bonds, JNF’s water projects or a promising Start Up, rather to invest in the hearts and minds of young people towards greater engagement, awareness & knowledge and meaningful connection. 


III - 2018-19

Israel events being planned for Fall 2018 include: 

9/5: Mois Navon, a pioneering engineer at Israel’s MobilEye for self-driving technology (bought out by Intel) will be speaking at UAlbany on the topic of “The Trolley Dilemma Goes Digital” on Wednesday afternoon September 5th at the UAlbany Multi-Purpose Room in the Campus Center new west wing. This event is co-sponsored by UAlbany School of Engineering, CAMERA, Great Danes for Israel, and III – Invest in Israel of Shabbos House. 

9/24: Israel Night in the Sukkah co-sponsored by Great Danes for Israel with educational Bingo games, students sharing Israel memories and after dinner Israeli songs.

11/3: Virtual Visit to Hebron – Birthright won’t take you there, but we’ll do a virtual trip there on Shabbat Lunch of Parshat Chayei Sara (when Abraham first bought the Machpela cave to bury Sarah) going back in Jewish history, ancient and recent to discover Jewish roots and connections to Hebron. Co-sponsored by Great Danes for Israel and Stand With Us. 

11/27: Supporting Israel since 1788 Colel Chabad is the oldest continuously operating Tzedakah network in Israel dating back to 1778. Learn its history as it is intertwined with mystical letters, Czarist imprisonment, Chassidic Rebbes, financial systems and more! This will be at the second to last Torah-Tues of the semester, 19th of Kislev, 5:45 and 7:45pm on November 27th. 

III - 2017-18

Six Day War Memories Six Day War Memories: 50 Years – As 2017 is fifty years from the Six Day War, this special program is scheduled for Monday evening September 18th, 7:30pm (two days before Rosh Hashanah). Ephy and Eitan both served together in the IDF in 1967 and will share their memories and experiences. See link for more info and list of co-sponsoring organizations. 

Stay tuned for an Israel-themed holiday meal in the Sukkah. Schwarma, likely, with Israeli-trivia Bingo-Game activity led by Great Danes for Israel sponsored by CAMERA. More on that theme coming soon.. 

Israel-themed Fall 2017 Torah-Tuesday classes: 

“Mameh Rochel” (10/31) on Rachel, her iconic tomb alongside the road in Bethlehem, Moses’ Montefiore’s monument, the moving inscription from Jeremiah, Nava Appelbaum’s wedding dress, Shwekey’s song and more… 

“History of Hebron” (11/7) going all the way back to Abraham’s purchase of the burial plot for Sarah, down through the 1929 riots and massacre, the 7th Step and 1967, including monuments and holy-sites to this day: Tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, Avraham Avinu Shul and Rebbetzin Menucha Rachel’s gravesite – all in the heat of the conflict. 

and additional Israel programs, Shabbat-themes etc throughout the semester. 

III - 2016-17

40 Years since the Rescue at Entebbe (September 2016) a large-scale communal and campus event co-sponsored by the Jewish Federation, CAMERA and ZOA, and UAlbany’s Great Danes for Israel and Capital District Chabad Centers.

“R’ Yochanon Ben Zakkai” (Torah Tuesday in November 2017) pivotal historical figure during the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple, his life, colleagues and students, teachings and enactments, and his vision that extends to modern day Jewish life. 

“Holy Sites” (Torah Tuesday in December 2016) a pictorial tour of historical holy burial sites in Israel (based on colorful coffee-table book by the Israel Defense Ministry) and the relevance and meaning of these people and places that are usually not on the birthright tour route. 

“Mekonen” movie night (February 2017) at Shabbos House co-sponsored by Great Danes for Israel, tells the moving story and backstory of an African Israeli journey, from an Ethiopian village to the IDF. 

Guest from Amona (2017) shared about Amona, a place not that different from his own home, he shared his family’s joys, fears and experiences with our students at a Shabbat Lunch. 

“Crossings Seas into Israel” for the 7th Night of Passover students sharing stories of 20th century sea-crossings to Israel: The Sturma, Exodus, Altelena, Cherbourg Boats. 

Israeli City Trivia (May 2017) test your knowledge using the clues that were placed on each table at an Israel-themed Friday Night Shabbat dinner… 

and more… 


III - Invest in Israel at Shabbos House & UAlbany

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