Name notwithstanding “Shabbos House” operates all week long! In addition to Holidays, Torah-Tuesdays, Challah & Culinary (see those pages) etc, the following are some weekday programs at Shabbos House on a weekly or monthly basis.


We’ve been doing this since 1998, late Sunday mornings for 11am Prayers with Tefillin and 12pm Brunch. Usually Bagels with shmears and trimmings, hence Bagels, Lox and Tefillin, but we do other types of brunches too. It’s a great guys time, we like taking pictures in Tefillin, and sometimes get Torah Reading, too if it falls on Rosh Chodesh, Chanukah, Purim or a Labor Day morning.

In 2012 we added Mitzvah crafts and activities to designated Minyan Brunch mornings. We did Kippah painting, Tzitzit making, Mezuzah covers, and painted some banners for upcoming tables and events.

Originally a monthly evenm, since Fall 2013, thanks to student initiative, Minyan Brunches are now a weekly program! We hope to be able to keep this up in the future as well.

New for Fall 2014 is a weekly Talmud class to follow the Minyan Brunch. We hope to learn a decent sized segment of Gemorah each week, with the goal of concluding a short chapter by the end of the semester. Class is open to all levels of learning, no prior Talmud experience required. Look for a Siyum celebration near end of the semester, with G-d’s help!

Depending on student interest, we host Minyan Brunches once a month, or even weekly. There’s no pressure, but if students are interested, we’re game!


Jamming Nights also has a long history at Shabbos House, almost always done on Saturday Nights, usually once a month. The style and vibe depends a bit on the in-house musicians, amateur and informal. We do a variety of cafe foods, either homemade pizza with or without toppings,sometimes a yogurt-bar, choco-fountain, nibble-nosh… We do Havdalah, sometimes an inspirational story, and students play the music they like or are good at.









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