#HappyToGo! This  is our 4th year participating in the UJA of NY’s JSAM – Jewish Social Action Month initiative. Past years UAlbany JSAM themes were Action for Addiction at Albany(2013), Support Our Soldiers & Veterans (2012), and our first year: Tic-Tac-Toe: What Makes You Tic, Tackling a Tough Piece of Talmud and Get Your Toes Wet and Volunteer (2011).

Our theme for 2014 is #HappyToGo! and the following are the components of our JSAM Social Action and Awareness programs:


Mr. Shmuel (Steve) Greenbaum is a UAlbany and Shabbos House alum from the 1980’s. He lost his newlywed and pregnant wife in a terrorist attack on the Sbarros Pizzeria on the corner of Yaffo and King George in Jerusalem. Shmuel turned his sadness and loss to a campaign of kindness, founding Partners in Kindness and publishing “A Daily Dose of Kindness”. Come hear his story at Shabbat Lunch on November 8th.

TWO TORAH TUESDAY CLASSES (11/11 & 11/18) connected with Happiness

11/11: Stay tuned for class title and presenter about Happiness.
11/18: “Ashrei – The Happy Psalm” a 3x daily cornerstone of our prayers, this alphabetical Psalm has many rich one-liners, with multiple layers of meaning.

NOV 14 (FRIDAY) – “JERRY KAHN COMEDY” after Shabbat Dinner

Jerry Kahn is another UAlbany and Shabbos House alumni from the 1980’s. After  Shabbat dinner on Friday Night he’ll do a 15 minute comedy, followed by a 7-minute skit with 4 student volunteers. Jerry will bring a light and funny element to our “Alternative Parents Weekend” and our JSAM #HappyToGo! theme…


7pm to 8:30 (or 9pm) 90 minutes of entertainment and positive energy along with packing #HappyToGo take-out containers to later be shared with random folks on campus, to give them a chuckle or brighten their day. Look for two talented caricature artists, a performance by the local Mop & Bucket Improv Company, a firepit going with s’mores, and live music. The program will begin with a musical Havdalah ceremony at 7pm.

Look for a tabling event on campus for additional opportunities to pack and share Happy-To-Go packages.

If you can upload a picture of your sharing the #HappyToGo with the hashtag #HappyToGo to add in spreading the #UAUHAPPY spirit… Obviously these boxes are not intended to bring lasting happiness, but the goal is to brighten someone’s day, give a chuckle, some positive food for thought. The message is that even a small gesture or little box of thoughtfulness and joy can go a long way.


Look for the Lchaim Table on campus (probably outside the Campus Center) between 11am-2pm to pick up a #HappyToGo package or to take one to share with someone else. Keep spreading the #HappyToGo message and bring soem cheer to brighten someone’s day!

JSAM 2014 AT UALBANY is thanks to a generous grant from the JSAM – Jewish Social Action Month initiative of the UJA of NY, co-sponsored and organized by Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Jewish Student Center, Lchaim Jewish Student Group (SA funded) and UAlbany Hillel and other organizations.