We had a half-dozen alumni visiting for July 4th weekend, but for the second July weekend we’re hosting two Chabad on Campus families (from Binghamton and Pittsburgh), relatives from New York and Montreal, and possibly some more traveler guests staying at nearby hotels. And we’re excited to welcome friends of students who will be visiting from across the breadth of New York State, from south to west. There’s a possibility of some local young adult friends joining from NextDor as well. Should be a very nice Shabbos, with a interesting and diverse group of people.

Thanks to all the guests we do expect a Minyan, so we will pray 7:30pm on Friday Night, 10am on Shabbat Day, and 7:45pm on Saturday evening. Dinner as usual this time of year will be Friday 8pm (or shortly thereafter), Lunch at 12:30pm, and end of Shabbat light meal just a bit after 8pm.