Raizy is hoping to get 43 guys to come put on Tefillin on Mendel’s 43rd (Hebrew) birthday, Sunday Jan 31st / 21st of Shvat. She’s going to be away that weekend at the big international Chabad Womens conference, but is trying to get this set up and everyone on board before she leaves.

The basic biblical Mitzva of Tefillin itself takes 5 minutes. It’s wrap-on with a blessing, wrap off, and we say the Shma in between. (Of course many also do the whole weekday morning prayer in Tefillin).

We do the morning prayer at 11am, followed by a nice brunch with bagels and shmears, lox and goodies and of course a birthday cake. Come by anytime between 11am and 1pm to do the Mitzvah and be part of this grand birthday gift. You don’t have to stay the whole time. (If these times won’t work, we can arrange a different daylight time on Sunday, and if you’ll be away, maybe you can do it from your destination and send a Tefillin selfie!)

Can you be part of this? Please sign up on the Google form below if you can!