This is going to be a very special Shabbos with much joyous celebration!

Newlyweds Ben and Stephanie will be back up for a Shabbos Sheva Brachos, both at Shabbos dinner and for Shabbos day. This is an opportunity to rejoice with the alumni bride and groom and bring added festivity to our Shabbos meals. “Sheva Brachos” (literally seven blessings) are festive meals for one week after the wedding, with friends and family and guests who weren’t at the wedding, to gather together and celebrate. Over a cup of wine and the grace after meals, the same seven blessings said under the Chuppah are once again recited. It’s also a good time to sing and to make a joyous and heartfelt toast to the newlywed couple as they embark on a new life together.

Some recent alumni are coming back up for this Sheva Brachos celebration, so we look forward to their visit as well. A few local couples who were close with Ben and Stephanie will be staying over, including alumni Aron & Sheryl, Parnav and Sarah, and Mendel’s brother Simmy and his wife Chaya.

This Shabbos is also Parsha Terumah, which is the Krieger twins Bar-Mitzvah anniversary. Both Dan and Eric will read from the Torah and we’ll have a celebratory Kiddush in their honor. Their  parents and brother will be coming up as well. As they are now in their senior year, this is their final Bar-Mitzvah anniversary celebration of their undergraduate years at UAlbany.

Thanks to all for sharing in these Simchas, may we have many more joyous occasions to celebrate!