Shabbaton2017schedulecard See this handy PDF card for a glimpse or read schedule below, for what’s happening on Friday Night, Sat Day and the Saturday Night Special for #upstateNYShabbaton of #ChabadonCampus 2017 at UAlbany

Major highlights are Leibel Mangel’s talk on Friday Night, farbrengen after dinner for those interested, big Shabbat lunch, Ted workshops or study-sessions on Shabbat afternoon, and the musical Havdalah and Sat Night Special with arcades, tie-dye and firepit on Sat Night starting at 9pm.  


3:30pm – Registration
Registration, Welcome Bag and Housing Assignments Erev Shabbos Food
Shabbos House Rohr Chabad Center 320 Fuller Rd

6:00-6:30pm “Mingle and Match”
Get a card with half-a-phrase and go around to find your phrases’ match, and mingle and meet people along the way.

6:30pm Candle-Lighting & Mincha
Womens Shabbat candlelighting ceremony upstairs (2nd floor above lobby) led by Malka Werde (FIT), in the Library while Mincha Prayer will be in the Main Room

7:00pm Kabalat Shabbat Prayer
Mechitzas will be set up between the Shabbos Tables to allow for the Shabbat Prayer Service, while seated at the tables set up for Shabbat dinner.

8:00pm Shabbos Dinner
Kiddush, Challah, a Fish & Salad Course and Main Course, sitting with those at your table, surrounded by Jewish students from ten college campuses, as one Shabbaton!

8:45pm (approx) Leibel Mangel’s Talk
His story goes from Auschwitz to the IDF, from Brooklyn to Ohio, his Am Yisrael Chai message can be all of our stories.

Bentsching (Grace after Meals) and Dessert Buffet

9:45pm Farbrengen
Songs, stories, inspiration with Rabbi Yaakov Wagner of Morristown. By definition, a farbrengen can’t really have a set topic, but he’s going to address “The Imperfect Me”.

Game Lounge
For those who want to chill, hangout, and enjoy some lighter times—head downstairs to the basement to enjoy a bunch of games on the tables. You can enjoy yourselves down there anytime all weekend.


9:30am Breakfast & Study 
Pre-Prayer inspirational study with Rabbi Yudi Shmotkin, City College. Breakfast will include cereals, coffee, cakes, fruit and yogurt.

10:00am Shacharit Minyan
Torah Reading is a double-header Vayakhel & Pekudei Aliyot Intros by Rabbi Zalman Chein, Binghamton

1:00pm Shabbat Lunch
Look for Songs from campuses, and students sharing one-word or phrase that describes your Chabad or this Shabbaton

 3:00-5:00pm: 8x 10-Minute TED-STYLE WORKSHOPS
See varied choices below. Nosh Bar in Lobby and Games Lounge in Basement will be open throughout the afternoon. 10 minutes each, with 5 minutes to transition. Stay for one or a few, or for all.


“Overcoming Fear” Rabbi Meir Rubashkin, Oneonta

“Food for Thought: Meditation w/Snacks” Rachel Levit, UAlbany

“Substance Abuse Recovery: Survivors Story” – Eli Goldstein, RCC

“Why So Serious? Embracing Life’s Laughs” Iris Brody, UAlbany

“Madonna and Kabbalah” Malka Werde, Chabad at FIT

“Unity of G-d” Netanel Radin, City College

“Improv!” with Adi Porat and Aliza Barnet, UAlbany 

Also 3:00-5:00pm STUDY WORKSHOPS

Same time as the TED-style talks, different format.
Remember that the Nosh Bar in Lobby and Game Lounge in Basement will be open throughout

3:00-3:50pm “In G-d We Trust”
Rabbi Wagner will lead an in-depth study for a better understanding of “Bitachon” – study like in Yeshiva!

4:00-4:15: Jewish Study Options & Opportunities
Rabbi Zalman and his wife Chaya are Chabad on Campus study-specialists. In 15 minutes Rabbi Zalman will give a run-down of what’s out there, including available scholarships. Plus, he’s available to talk all weekend.

4:45-5:00pm: Quick Review of the Albany Haggadah
Rabbi Yisroel Rubin is regional director of Chabad, and dean of Albany’s Maimonides School. He’ll share a glimpse into his scholarly work researching one paragraph of the Haggadah!

5:00pm – Stretch!
Stretch options include:

  • Go back to hosts for a rest
  • Play some games in Game Lounge downstairs
  • Krav Maga Talk & Lesson with Leibel Mangel
  • Guided Tour by UAlbany students to key spots on campus

6:10pm Mincha

6:30pm – Light Dinner

And over light dinner…

  • A Niggun (melody) or Two—taught and led by Rabbi Moishe Raichik, Brooklyn College
  • A Game of Charades—led by Rabbi Dov Oliver, RCC

7:55pm Maariv

Time to change, refresh, while we

Transition and Setup for the “Saturday Night Special”


9:00pm Get Your T-shirt
Sizes were estimated, so first-come, first-served. The shirts have the “Come One, Come All” theme… 

9:10: Musical Havdalah
Led by Yaakov Blum, City College
Music by Grant Hilsenrath and Aliza Barnet, UAlbany

9:30 Saturday Night Special
Program includes:

  • Arcade Games: Shuffle-Alley, Car-Drivers, Air-Hockey, etc
  • Tie-Dye your Shabbaton Tshirt on Front Porch
  • Firepit out back, make S’mores and Roasted Pita
  • Informal Jammin’ Music throughout
  • Photo Station with Friends, take pictures and mini-frames to go as Shabbaton souvenir
  • Big Food Buffet with Falafel and Sushi-Salad etc


9:30am Minyan and Tefillin
Bring your own or we can share

10:30am Brunch & Farewell
A bagel breakfast: sit down for a quick farewell, or grab food for the road.