“Shabbat with a Little Love” is the theme for our February 14th Friday Night dinner at Shabbos House.

Why only a little love?

This Friday is also the 14th of Adar I on the Jewish calendar and known as “Purim Kattan” the little or mini-Purim. Being a Jewish leap year there are two Adar months and the real Purim is now one month away. But we also celebrate small things… including this mini-Purim (which has no formal ritual or observance as does the real Purim)… magnifying and maximizing and appreciating that which is small and often underestimated – hence “a little love!”

Special guests this weekend include Raizy’s sister Nechama Dina and Rabbi Sholom Ber Hendel with their 3 boys; two Stephanies; and of course the students.

Friday night prayers begin at 6pm, dinner begins at 7pm. On Shabbat morning, Minyan iscalled for 10am followed by lunch at 12:45.