Look for that hashtag, save the date, share with friends! Now in its second year at UAlbany, we’re looking to celebrate one unity Shabbat 360-strong as a campus community. 

The date: Friday, March 3rd, 2017 – or 3/3 for short. 

New and different location this year: Shabbat 360 2017 will be at the CNSE Nanotech ZEN Building (the rounded blue glass building closest to the Fuller Road & Washington Ave intersection). The atrium there is a beautiful space for a beautiful Shabbat dinner! 

Keep the momentum going. We’re going to need all the energy in getting the word out! Please help spread the word… 

See the Shabbat360 Facebook event online here. 

Reserve yourT-shirt Size, please sign up here at this quick Google form: www.tinyurl.com/Shabbat3602017signup 

Last year we posted this list of “reasons” why you just had to come out to Shabbat360.

This year we have a new list of reasons why the ZEN Building at Nanotech may be a great space for #ualbanyShabbat360 this year... we hope to keep adding to this list, and what will make this Shabbat 360 2017 so special! 


WALKING GROUPS: Walking groups will leave Small Fountain outside Campus Center at 6:45pm and from the Empire Community Building at 6:50pm. 

PRAYER SERVICES: Orthodox at the ZEN Building 6pm. Ruach (reform) 6pm at Humanities 116. Kehila (conservative) 6pm at Hillel Office CC 320. 

Walk up Tricenentennial Drive between Empire and the Jewish cemetery towards Nano (and Freedom Quad). Cross Fuller Road at the Roundabout, then turn left and follow the sidewalk north on Fuller Road until the last building on the left which is the ZEN building (big rounded blue glass). Walk between the two buildings to back of building (side away from Fuller Road) with the lit up words ZEN 201 on it. Entrances are on that side. Atrium is on the 3rd floor. 

Parking is also allowed in back of the ZEN building for this event.  

For those strictly Sabbath observant, you won’t want to use the big clear automatic doors and elevators (for which floors can only be chosen on the outside, btw). There are two white exit doors on left of the multiple main clear doors which will be open for our use. Those doors lead into the stairwell, exit on 3rd floor for the big Atrium for Shabbat dinner (as well as Orthodox services).

We will have two stacks, reserved and first-come. If you reserved online your name will be on a list along with the size of shirt you ordered. If you didn’t, we should still have your shirt but it will be first-come-first-served stacked by size. 

First and foremost thanks for coming!!!! That’s what makes it Shabbat 360! Dinner is called for 7pm. It’s also a huge room, like an echo chamber, so respecting the very brief intros and singing along will help a lot with the atmosphere and overall experience. 

Look for a conversation game, the program card, and 2-3 gray books that have Shalom Aleichem and Bentsching inside. Plus we have laffy-taffys, jelly-bellys, to keep it sweet. The first course should be on the table for after the Challah, the second course will be buffet and we will have two buffet lines. Dessert will follow…

This mega Shabbat dinner event is co-sponsored by UAlbany Hillel, Shabbos House and Lchaim, Aish, AEPI and other groups – with major funding from Student Association, your student activity fee at work. List of sponsoring groups in formation. Contact Hillel or Shabbos House Lchaim if you or your group would like to be involved.