Hard to believe it’s already that time of year! Summer flew by and freshmen move-in is already upon us! This year freshmen move-in is on Friday and Saturday which means not all freshmen will be up here for Friday Night, but all who are here are very welcome for our first Shabbat dinner of the year.

There will be Walking Groups led by students leaving the Indian Quad and Dutch Quad Archways at both 6:45pm for the 7pm Prayer services and at 7:45pm for Shabbat Dinner. Come when works for you.

Prayers are 7pm at Shabbos House and at the Interfaith Center, Shabbat Dinner is 8pm at Shabbos House. Some come for prayers, most for dinner.

Res-Life staff should be aware of the Religious Services as there are exemptions from any floor meeting or group events to be able to attend Shabbat dinner and celebrate as a campus community.


We also have Minyan on Shabbos Morning, 10am start-time. Lunch follows at 12:30pm. Students are very welcome just for lunch, too. No worries about that. Being a long Shabbos afternoon we’re going to have a light end of Shabbat meal and Pirkei Avot study around 7:30pm, and Havdalah at the end of Shabbat.


We’re not starting the Talmud class yet, but we’re going to give to the Minyan Brunch a shot, even if all students haven’t moved back in yet. 11am on Sunday with Tefillin, Bagels and a nice spread.


In addition to returning students and freshmen who have moved in – we have an alumni family and an alumni couple up visiting, two Israeli families and a Brooklyn couple joining us for meals. Campus-wise, summer may be over, but for most folks summer travel continues on until Labor Day. Should be a wonderful Shabbat!