It’s become an annual tradition (something we learned from Rabbi Sneiderman of Chabad of the University of Delaware) to host a “Midnight Breakfast” event on the eve of Reading Day before Finals Week at Shabbos House.

It’s a fun evening, light, relaxing, casual and chill. We serve breakfast foods including cereal and milk, waffle and ice-cream, pancakes and stuff like that. There’s usually a light, entertaining film.

Special for this year is the screening of Jeremy Wallace’s (student at UAlbany) recent 30-minute film “Taking Flight” and with the director, producer and lead actor in house, he’ll take some questions about what went into making a film like this. Jeremy’s film will screen a bit after 11pm.

We are still looking for a light, fun, entertaining and family-friendly film or show that we can screen for the first hour, between 10pm and 11pm. Suggestions?