Parents, alumni and family are all welcome to join the Jewish UAlbany campus community for Shabbat prayers and meals etc. You can also see these events listed on the UAlbany Homecoming 2015 Events Page by the Alumni Association.

FRIDAY 10/9/2015

7pm Prayers on the third floor of the Campus Center
8pm Shabbat Dinner hosted by UAlbany Hillel in the Assembly Hall (2nd floor of Campus Center)
(dinner food is provided by the Dutch Kosher Dining under Vaad supervision)

SATURDAY 10/10/2015

10am Minyan at Shabbos House with Torah Reading
12:30pm Shabbat Lunch at Shabbos House (320 Fuller Road, just off Great Dane Drive)
or come by later in the early afternoon if that better fits your schedule.

SUNDAY 10/11/2015

10:30am Minyan followed by Brunch and a little Talmud –  our weekly Minyan Brunch at Shabbos House.

UAlbany Hillel students are headed to Liberty Ridge Farm for an outing and campfire leaving at noontime from Collins Circle. They are opening this event to families as well. Contact Hillel for cost (extra cost for non-students) and other information.


There’s no charge for any of these events, but donations and sponsorships are always appreciated to help defray costs.

Note: Rabbi Mendel Rubin and most of the Rubin children will be away this weekend (coming back late Saturday Night) in Plainview NY to attend a twin Bar-Mitzvah of alumni children, the parents are from the classes of 2001 & 2002. And bonus: in the same Long Island community we’re attending another alumni’s “Shalom Zachor” celebrating the birth of a son this week! But Raizy will be home (and hopefully at Hillel dinner as well) and the students are dividing the Torah reading. We will be back for the Minyan Brunch on Sunday.