This July 1st, 2015, we will be in NY bringing Moshe and his friends to the airport as they embark on a summer of a learning adventure in the Midwest, so we thought it might be a nice time to meet up with alumni at the Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens.

We will, G-d willing, be at the Ohel at or just before 6pm on Wednesday July 1st, 2015. We will be meeting in the large permanent tent-type structure behind the house on Francis Lewis Blvd. See for address and driving directions.

See this PDF for an assortment of articles, info, inspiration and reflections relating to the visiting the Rebbe’s Ohel – from Mendel’s perspective  It’s informal, not in order, heimish and personal, nothing official – a farbrengen of sorts, that hopefully can provide some background, meaning, frame of reference and perspective to the meaningful Ohel experience.