All welcome to the final Shabbat Dinner of Fall 2013 at UAlbany! As usual this time of year, dinner will be 7pm, and this week its at Shabbos House. One last time to get together and celebrate Shabbat as a community before winter break… Please come and make it extra-special.

As usual, no need for RSVP, no dress-code, come as you wish, come and go as your leisure and availability. We don’t take attendance, but everyone who comes adds something special to the atmosphere and enriches our community.

Last Shabbat of Semester, indeed it is. But we will be here next weekend for “Cozy-Shabbat” for that small group of students and locals who will be around over break.


We looking for favorite/memorable movie lines on embarking and/or fulfilling a mission, or the journey/challenges thereof. We might use it in conjunction with a little “Mendel’s Message” at Friday Night dinner, with your help. Message us on FB, or via email, or live chat on this site. Stay tuned!


Other groups praying at the Interfaith Center will meet as usual at 6pm. The Orthodox prayer schedule is somewhat different this week, see below, due to the fact that Friday is the 10th of Tevet, one of the 6 Jewish fast days (along with Yom-Kippur, Fast of Esther, 17th of Tammuz etc) that leads right into Shabbat, quite an unusual situation.

Mincha Service will be 3:45pm. We’re not sure if we can muster a Minyan that early, but we’ll give it a shot since there is Torah reading and Haftorah. Candle-Lighting is the earliest possible here at 4:04pm. Following that at about 4:20pm we will begin Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, and make an early Kiddush/Break-Fast at about 5pm or just before that. Dinner won’t be until 7pm, so we can do some Torah learning and table set-up in between.

For more info on the Tenth of Tevet Fast-Day, see’s “Jerusalem Under Siege” 


Sat Morning service is unaffected, we pray as usual 10am, come when you can! We read the Torah portion of Vayechi, the last in the Book of Breishis/Genesis, so we conclude the Torah reading with a celebratory “Chazak!!!”

Lunch as usual at 12:30 or 12:45pm. All are welcome, whether you can make it to the earlier service or not, no difference. Come and enjoy!


Best of luck with Finals, much success!!