Every Shabbat is special but we have some special things in store for this Finals Week & Chanukah Shabbat, see below for the full schedule:

There’s a special late afternoon pre-Shabbat dinner program. Raizy’s sister, the Hendels from Monsey will be here for Shabbat with her husband (the Kosher expert) and family. And at Shabbos Lunch, Yasmine P. will share of her experiences abroad in India last semester.

Friday, December 11th, 2015


3:55pm: 6th Night of Chanukah Menorah Lighting at Shabbos House. Chanukah candles have to be lit before the start of Shabbat (very early this time of year: Shabbat Candlelighting is 4:04pm).

4:05pm: Mincha Prayers – we’re doing a special Minyan for the yartzeit of Mr. Jacobowitz’s father. This time is fixed, please be here on time. The times below are approximate, informal – we’ll play it by ear.

4:25pm: Chanukah and Menorah Lighting songs

4:45pm: Pre-Shabbat-Dinner Kiddush and assortment of finger foods, dips and nibbles. We bought a new brewed drink to try!

5:00pm: Jewish Taboo, Hebrew Bananagrams, and more. Plus we’ll finish setting the tables before we start davening around 6pm.


6:00pm: Friday Night Prayers

7:00pm: Shabbat Dinner, the last of the Fall 2015 semester!

Saturday, December 12th, 2015


10am start. It’s Shabbat, Chanukah, and Rosh Chodesh (start of a new Hebrew month) so we have added Hallel singing, and we take out 3 Torahs: Torah Reading is Miketz, with bonus readings for Rosh Chodesh and Chanukah, topped off with a special Musaf.


12:45am: Shabbat Lunch with a special student presentation by Yasmine P. about her semester abroad last year in India, accompanied with a series of photos for a virtual tour experience.

Shabbat ends at 5:09, after Havdalah we light the 7th Chanukah candle.


If you will be here next weekend (just after Finals end) we will be here for a Cozy-Shabbat, dinner and lunch and maybe even a Minyan too. During the winter break we will be hosting Cozy-Shabbat weekends – stay tuned for announcements which weekends we will be here for.