Welcome back to a very cold Albany NY! (It was unseasonably warm for most of break, but it sure is cold now…) This first weekend is that Shabbat before Tu Bishvat, so look for Tu Bishvat themes at events this weekend:

FRIDAY NIGHT 1/22/2016

Prayers 6pm, followed by Shabbat Dinner at Shabbos House. All welcome! Look for something dirt-related on the tables – memorable, no worries. It will be great to have students back again!

SHABBAT DAY 1/23/2016

We’re back on for Minyan at 10am. We read the Torah portion of Beshalach (with the Splitting and Crossing and the Song of the Sea).

Shabbat Lunch follows at 12:45pm.

SUNDAY 1/24/2016

Minyan Brunch at 11am. Bring your own Tefillin or we can share. Next week (the 31st) is Raizy’s big push for 43 Tefillin for Mendel’s birthday.

SUNDAY NIGHT 1/24/2016

Something new! We’re doing a “Fruit-Jam” or Tu Bishvat Cafe for the Jewish New Year for Trees. Students will play music, we’ll have fruity nosh and nibbles, an informal light evening in the Tu Bishvat spirit. 7pm start at Shabbos House.

MONDAY 1/25/2016

Look for the L’chaim Table inside the Campus Center lobby from 11am-2pm. We’re making Fruit-Leather flowers on a skewer stem, it’s easy to learn if you want to give it a try. If you’re in a rush stop by and grab one, as a sweet snack to go!

JNF along with Hillel, Great Danes for Israel and MASA are hosting a Terrarium Making event for Tu Bishvat, 7:30pm in the Campus Center Assembly Hall.