It’s summertime again and time for Cozy-Shabbat weekends! With most UAlbany students away, we may skip a few weekends in the summertime, but we are here and Shabbos House is open most weekends for Cozy-Shabbat dinners and lunches, sometimes Minyans, too (if we have enough alumni or visitors that weekend), but much smaller crowds of course.

Here’s the schedule for Summer 2015:

June 5 & 6: Our first Cozy-Shabbat of the summer season, especially after being away for two weekends since Graduation. Some yeshiva boys will be visiting, which makes a Minyan more likely.

June 12 & 13: Ben and Stephanie will be back up for a visit, and some local alumni said they’d try to come this weekend as well. There’s also a special Shabbat afternoon “Double Play” Kiddush luncheon downtown at the Maimonides School with a Jewish MLB sports agent and an Israeli blues musician, but whether a few walk down for that or not, we’ll have Shabbos Lunch at Shabbos House either way.

June 19 & 20: This Shabbos marks the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Yartzeit, the 3rd of Tammuz. We got word of some tourists coming to the area that weekend, so we look forward to having a Minyan as well. This will also be Mushky’s first Shabbos back from Israel, and her only Shabbat home for most of the summer, as she will be staffing two overnight camps. And Chani’s last Shabbos before she leaves to staff a camp in the Midwest.

June 26 & 27: This year, we’re doing all the Shabbos weekends in June!

July 3 & 4: Last year we had a lot of nice alumni friends come up for the extended July 4th weekend. Be in touch with us if you’d like to come up for this weekend or any of the other weekends. In-house rooms are limited, so don’t wait till last minute, but there’s always room for meals etc!

Stay tuned for Cozy-Shabbat schedule for rest of July and August, and any other summer events!