Finals Week is over, but we’ll be here for Cozy-Shabbat. If you are up in Albany please join us! Shabbat Dinner 7pm on Friday, Shabbat Lunch 12:30pm on Saturday.

It’s not likely we’ll have a Minyan this week, with most everyone away on break. We will do informal prayer services instead.

“Cozy-Shabbat” is what we call the quiet Shabbat weekends during academic breaks (not scheduled for all weeks, check ahead) when most students are away but interns, locals, intersession students, those with jobs etc are still up here. Attendance ranges from 15-35 people, depending on the week, and whether there are alumni visitors, visiting family or guest travelers. There are special Cozy-Shabbat traditions, such as “going-around-the-table” with everyone sharing some highlight, inspiration or memorable incident of the week, or responding to a specific question or theme.