New for this semester, Shabbos House is affiliating with a major book company to buy back books, pay u cash and get a little cut for Shabbos House.

Basically, we enter your ISBN numbers (13 digits, no dashes) get a price from their system, if its good we pay you, if u can get better price, they first try to match it in the system, if not – we want you to get a better price.

Some pluses with this company: book conditions (as long as not missing covers, pages etc) are not relevant (highlights, marking, wear and tear is all OK) and they also accept recently discontinued books or older versions. They have been accepting books (for not much, but better than nothing) that other resellers are simply not taking at all. And no lines at Shabbos House. You can also message us ahead with the ISBN numbers (13 digits, no dashes) so we can get u a quote. To get your cash, books must be brought to Shabbos House, any afternoon or evening, starting Monday 12/9 through the end of Finals Week. For more info or to call ahead to be sure we’re here: 518-526-0770.

Remember, no pressure! Only if it works for you.