This was quite the Sunday (November 10th 2013) with lots to celebrate and appreciate.

We’re trying to keep up the weekly Sunday Minyan Brunch, thanks to the interest and dedication of the students, especially the Freshmen of the Jewish LLC. So, this week being no exception, we planned the brunch and all, but Raizy and Mendel had to head out earlier (than the crack of 11am) to be on time for an alumni wedding in NYC. Thanks to the guys who came out, started a timely Minyan, ran it smoothly, who shared Tefillin and even took an awesome picture around the couch! Not only that, because of the changed clocks, they were able to have a Mincha Minyan after the brunch, too!

On our way down we made a quick stop in Monsey to see Raizy’s sister Nechama Dina and her husband Rabbi Sholom Ber Hendel. Their oldest was in school on Sunday, but the 2nd son was home. We got to see some very nice renovations and upgrades they made to their home, and probably the last time to see ND before she has a baby, sometime in the next few weeks.

When we go down to NY often go to the Rebbe’s Ohel (gravesite) in Queens to pray and reconnect. This time a long-time friend asked to come with us, as this would be her first time. We went together. It’s always interesting and inspiring to revisit the Rebbe’s Ohel through the eyes and heart of someone’s first time.

Jason N. graduated in 2007, and we haven’t seen each other (much) since, although we kept in touch now and then online or by phone. It was touching to see how meaningful his Albany years are to him, and how much he appreciated (and continues to appreciate) Shabbos House being there to keep him connected to his Yiddishkeit during his college years. It was a beautiful wedding, we met some interesting people (including Mendel N. from Hillcrest who remembers Raizy’s grandfather as his 9th grade teacher, maybe 50 years ago). The band was amazing. Quite surprising how many Chabad melodies they played even though we were the only visible Chabad folks there. I guess a lot of these lively melodies have gone mainstream! Turns out that the caterer Russ S. went to UAlbany, was active in Hillel and graduated in 1997 (the semester before we came).

The H. family met us just as we were leaving the wedding hall. They had a package they wanted to send back to their son. The L. family lives just a few blocks from the wedding hall, so we stopped by to say hello, and they too, sent a little package back for their daughter. Then we got onto the road a little after 9pm and took turns driving to get home just around midnight. Thanks to our kids for holding up the fort while we were away for the day.