Based on the “Confusing Internal & External Batteries” story that Rabbi Mendel shared at Neilah, our Yom Kippur appeal this year isn’t about feelings and character and other internal areas.

SONY DSCWe are calling our Appeal: “Take5”. Take5 is the name of a candybar or a NYS Lotto game, among other things. This Neilah, at the close of YomKippur we hope everyone will “Take5” with them for the rest of the year. Take5 is a sampling of Mitzvot that can take less than 5 minutes to do each day.

Here are some examples from the Take5 card:

  • 2x Daily Shema, morning & night
  • Just Tefillin: Shema on ‘n off
  • Tzedakah: a coin or your time
  • Brighten Someone’s Day
  • Choose a Kosher Food/Snack
  • A Food Blessing, before/after
  • Call Home or Grandparents, Loving & Appreciative
  • Do or Say Something that makes our People Proud
  • Quick Torah Study: a verse or two; online text, audio/video
  • Pre-Shabbat Candle-Lighting, Shabbat Kiddush, Post-Havdalah

Adding 5 Minutes of intentional Mitzvah on a daily basis, year round, can be deeply meaningful, enriching and even life-changing. And its eminently doable. Everyone has 5 minutes here and there. Let’s make one of those empty 5 minute segments count!

The other side of the Take5 card has our slogan for this year’s Sukkot: “Like a room without a roof – because we’re happy!” Indeed, Sukkot, when we eat out joyously without a proper roof over our heads is the holiday known biblically as “the festival of our rejoicing”. See our Sukkot 2014 Holiday schedule for meals, prayer times and celebration all imbued with Sukkot atmosphere and perspective.