Officially – on the semester schedule – we only had 3 Bagel Brunches planned, about one for each month. But if students want a Minyan, we’re not going to say no. There was some interest on Shabbos, so we thought we’d give Sunday a shot. Lo and behold, a few minutes after 11am we already had our Minyan. We shared Tefillin so everyone could fulfill this major Mitzvah, and took a picture, heard great Shofar blasts for Elul, and then sat down to pancakes and scrambled eggs (plain, with peppers & onions, or mushroom). Most guys were out by 12:15am.

It looks like we’re going to try to keep this up on a weekly basis – if students are interested. On those 3 planned Sundays, we’ll do a craft/activity/mitzvah-project in addition to the Minyan and Brunch. Guys, if you’re up at 11am on Sundays, come by. It’s a chance to do something Jewish with the boys, put on Tefillin, and enjoy a good brunch with friends. No knowledge of Hebrew or advanced prayer skills are required.