That’s it. Winter break flew by! We were away for the first two weekends, Dec 25th in New York with Raizy’s parents and New Years with Rabbi Mendel’s brother Abba up in Saratoga. Then we did the next two weekends as CozyShabbat back here at Shabbos House.

Special guests this last winter break Shabbat were Binyamin Gregg G. of Efrat Israel (UAlbany class of 1999) with his father Les who flew in from Vegas. Gregg was a dynamo on campus back in his day, and together with his to-be wife Shara a big part of Shabbos House in those days. Their wedding in 2000 in Far Rockaway was the first that Rabbi Mendel officiated at. It was really nice to catch up, spend quality time together, discuss things and learn together.

On Friday Night we also got to see Dave C. whose been away in Washington DC for quite a number of years and is now local again working for NYS State. Didn’t realize we haven’t seen him in five years! Speaking of DC  we also got to see Sam M. who is finishing up his last year in Georgetown Law. Some students recently returned from a trip to Poland and share some of that very impactful experience. Mushky had a very close friend up from Brooklyn.

Ready or not, the new semester is about to begin!