12193349_925521027503630_5524339191435784173_nIt’s fun to change things up now and then. So we did a rearrange of the tables for Shabbat of October 30th, Game 3 of the Mets in the World Series 2015, and then replanned the menu around that theme. The whole thing came together just a day or two before Shabbat, but it was a lot of fun.

We set up the Shabbat dinner tables into an infield diamond (with blue tablecloths) and an outfield of 3 rows of tables (with orange tablecloths) for right field, center field and left field, all inclining away from the infield diamond. You might not be able to see it from this vantage point, but we put an upside down large mixing bowl in between 1st and 3rd as a pitchers mound.

11220850_925521047503628_8639264718858497840_n (1)The “scoreboard’ hanging in middle of the room, behind second base, over center-field made the “Visitors” and “Home” connection with this week’s Torah portion of Vayera, when Abraham welcomes 3 VISITORS into his HOME!

And the ballpark menu? We did a whole baseball-style menu from pretzel-shaped Challahs to sliders, with baked-beans, steak fries, cole-slaw, popcorn, and even cans of soda (though we don’t serve soda here regularly for a long time now). And MatzahBALL soup, of course!

Thanks to Raquel for decorating every single cupcake, to Eliran and Justin for shaping hundreds of slider patties,