Instead of Torah-Tuesday we switched format to something light and fun for the 7th Night of Chanukah. Rabbi Mendel led a Game-Show style series of questions to the crowd, for which people earned points. There was a texting option, too, with poll answers appearing live on the screen. Questions ranged for personal living and habit, to holiday trivia and Shabbos House history and personal preferences…

SONY DSCOnce everyone accumulated a few hundred points, Raizy led a lively auction with students bidding (using their points) for wrapped unknown prizes (mostly dollar store items: random and fun, some useful, some unusual) and it was a lot of fun seeing what people,got. The crowd got pretty into it!


We played the game twice (was it three times?) and also took this group Chanukah photo at the Major Menorah, now lit with 7 candles (plus the Shamash).


 and also a photo with the outside Menorah lit for the 7th night of Chanukah – with electric bulbs to remind passersby of Chanukah and to #sharethelights!


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