Quite a few of you know Mendel’s brother Simmy. Mazal Tov on his engagement today to Chaya Tilson of NJ. We are very excited and we wish them much happiness together! Uncle Simmy is a wonderful friend to our children and their cousins and we are all very happy for him and his new Kallah.

Older alumni may remember him as a little active guy, more recent alumni may recall his Israeli army service, and current students may know of his construction work and property management. Simmy likes to come now and then for Shabbos, in fact he was here this past Shabbos, just before proposing!

We also ask you to keep our nephew Menachem Mendel ben Menucha Rachel in your prayers as he will undergo a serious surgery tomorrow morning, Monday March 31st. We hope it is very successful. May we share good news!