Another wonderful Cozy-Shabbat with our summer regulars and some interesting traveler guests, likely to be the last before the new baby arrives at the end of July, G-d willing!

We had a Minyan all throughout, lots of meaningful sharing both at Friday Night as well as at the “Dingaling Pirkei Avot Hotline” at the end of Shabbos.

We enjoyed a visiting Monsey family on their way to Girls Zone camp for Visiting Day. The father is an attorney with a great memory, the mom a General Studies teacher at a well-known Monsey-area Jewish school, the two kids with them were very sweet to our kids, and we had some mutual friends via Jewish geography.

Another family was in town to celebrate their daughter/wife’s graduation from Excelsior College. The ceremony was too late on Friday for them to head back to Queens. Both parents are retired NYC science teachers, and she authored (with his help) the popular “High Marks… Made Easy” review/aid books that try to make the science and math material as accessible and friendly as possible, with user-friendly tricks and tips etc. The graduating daughter works with autistic children and is very understanding and sensitive and her husband is a licensed massage therapist.

Here’s what Rabbi Mendel shared over Shabbos: (1) People Change (2) The Three Weeks (3) Good Real-Estate and Life Advice. And see here for some of what people shared on Friday Night.

We had nice Minyans throughout, Dr. Isaac (who stayed over for Shabbat) helped with the reading of one Aliyah in beautiful Iraqui/Persian style, and Professor Herman P.S. read the Haftorah. Aron & Sheryl also stayed over for one of their last weekends before their move into a new home in the Albany community later this month.

On Sunday, we enjoyed a surprise visit from alumnus Jeremiah R. (2012) and his parents who stopped by on their way home. It was great to see them and catch up a bit.