It’s been busy in the Shabbos House kitchen cooking, baking and preparing for the 3-day Rosh Hashanah holiday that will begin Wednesday Night and usher in the new Jewish Year 5774. Three-day holiday because the 2-days of Rosh Hashanah end on Friday eve, just in time for Shabbat to begin!

Lots of shopping, loading and unloading the car, putting things away and getting it all cooked up and prepared… it’s nearing Midnight now, and still a while to go before we can turn in to get some rest and start up tomorrow. Roasts baked and now sliced, meat and veggie Tzimmes cooked, chicken baking tomorrow.

New this year? A Shofar-shaped Cornucopia made of Rugelach dough, with a tumbling pile of homemade Rugelach coming out of it.

Yes, most students will be home for this holiday. But for those students up here we want to give them a full taste of the holiday. Plus we have an alumni family back for a visit, two of Mendel’s married siblings and kids, an alumni back up with a friend..

Now to think up some quick lines and tidbits to intersperse in the long service. We don’t really do a sermon, but we try to spice the prayers with little bits of explanation, relevance and inspiration along the way.

A meaningful, inspiring and uplifting Rosh Hashanah to all! Shana Tova, may you be inscribed for a good year; happy, healthy and sweet, overflowing with blessings!