Here’s the menu for Persian Shabbat this year, on the Shabbat (Feb 19 2016) just before Purim-Kattan, the mini-Purim in Jewish leap years, one month before the regular Purim.

Many thanks to Justin R. and friends for all the time, hard work, dedication and talent to pull off these family recipes in a wonderful way for everyone to enjoy!


Salad Shirazi

cucumber, tomato & onion salad with lemon

KooKoo Sabzi

chopped scallions, parsley, dill & cilantro, baked with eggs

Salad Olivieh

potato & egg salad with sweet peas


Khoresh Gheymeh

beef with yellow split peas & potatoes


white basmati rice

Dolmeh Felfel

stuffed red peppers with rice, yellow split peas and herbs

Sabzi Khordan

assortment of greens and radish


Persian Halva

whole wheat flower, sugar, margarine and saffron

stay tuned for updates…

Thanks to Modern Carpet on Broadway in Albany for a beautiful rug to hang as a display to add to the atmosphere of a Persian Shabbat dinner!