It’s become an annual tradition to have a “Girls Sleepover” on the weekend that Rabbi Mendel (and Moshe) head to Brooklyn for the Chabad International Shluchim Kinus Conference. Usually, the Girls Sleepover is on a Saturday Night, but this year it was planned for Friday Night, which gave the whole thing a Shabbaton feel and experience.

It began with “FridayLight” before Shabbat, followed by Hillel dinner (this weekend Bedouin-style at Interfaith Center/Chapel House), and then late night open and frank personal discussions and meaningful (and funny!) conversations back at Shabbos House while relaxing on comfy couches.

Some girls stayed late for the conversation, a few slept over and actually stayed all of Shabbat. Even after Shabbat they came back for some sat Night treats and ice-cream. They said, “More than a sleepover, this felt like a full Shabbaton.”