The holidays are behind us, but somehow it’s not slowing down yet!


This past Friday (October 4th) was the first weekend at Hillel in almost a month thanks to all the holidays at Shabbos House. The highlight was the delicious ribs prepared at Dutch Kosher and the Mexican-style food that went along with it. Rabbi Mendel’s Dvar-Torah was much “heavier” and controversial than usual, see “Deb Tambor, Shulem Deen and Us” for what was said.

The Maimonides Bnos Chaya High School girls (Mushky and Chani’s friends) stayed over for Shabbos. They had their own meal on Friday Night and joined for Shabbos Lunch. At the end of Shabbos it rained heavily, and we thought no one would show up for Shalosh-Seudos, but they did! This time we did a “Jewish Travel Show” with visiting Ella telling us all about the Shuls in Long Beach and Lido Beach NY, Lily/Lianne telling us about Kosher spots to eat in Staten Island, and Rachel L. gave us a rundown of her favorite Kosher pizza eateries in Flatbush.


Sat Night and Sunday was super busy here at Shabbos House preparing for a 400 person buffet Bat-Mitzvah at one of the local synagogues. Not an easy feat! We went over to set-up soon after Shabbos (we ended up doing more than 3 shifts with multiple cars) and cutting fruit and draining pasta and lots of food prep until about 2am. On Sunday morning, efforts continued, first at Shabbos House and then on-location, and finally at 5pm we got it all home. It was a beautiful affair, and amazing communal showing, and a big help to Shabbos House’s bottom line, helping pay off a decent chunk of the remaining Sukkot credit-card bill.

Special thanks to the dedicated Shabbos House student help, the talented and untiring assistance of the Maimonides High School girls, a team from Beta Alpha Psi, and the able and experienced hand of Amy Kantor of the Omellete King.


Despite all the hectic Sunday business, and little announcement, the students pulled together a Sunday morning Minyan with Tefillin, we made exactly 10, and even had some bagels and shmears to go with it.


Close enough to Rosh Chodesh, the first Girls Nite IN! of the semester was on Monday evening October 7th in the Shabbos House basement. About a dozen girls, Nomi, Keshet and Raizy (and the older Rubin girls) enjoyed a spa-like night, with lots of nail-polishing, make-up, home-made lip-gloss, and rainbow refreshments.