MenorahGlowFor the first half of Chanukah it was pretty quiet here without the students. We got back from Brooklyn on Sat Night. On Sunday later afternoon the first students to come to light the Menorah were this brother and sister.

Raizy took this picture on her iPhone. Somehow, the physical pixels managed to magically (no filter applied!) capture the spiritual connection between the person and the lights, the ignitor and ignited. And this was the first student lighting at Shabbos House this season, an opener and omen, a most meaningful light!

UAlbanyStudentsMenorahWIndowLater that evening, quite a few students came to light at different times and the house was abuzz with light, both in the front lobby and at the back door/window of the main room.

We had a Maariv Minyan for a Yartzeit, and Raizy made sizzling fresh homemade delicious Latkes for all who came.

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