Febraury 13-14 was a very quiet Shabbos at UAlbany for a number of reasons. A bunch of core regulars went away for Shabbos, many to celebrate Sunday’s wedding on UAlbany Alumni Ben and Stephanie. Obviously people make Valentines Day (or weekend) plans, and the brutal freezing temperatures may have something to do with it, too.

Friday Night was at Hillel in the Campus Center. Orthodox services didn’t quite make a Minyan (first time in a long time) but that didn’t keep us from a lively prayer service. Thanks to Eric’s friend and HASC co-counselor Pinky who led a beautiful davening with melody and warmth. This week’s “Law and Order” class took a modern contemporary look at a Mishna about the deaf and mentally disabled.  Hillel Dinner was in the Assembly Hall this week instead of CC 375, and the highlight was probably the beef ribs, the attendance of the SA President, and Nomi and Mendel coinciding on part of their Dvar Torah. They both thought of a very similar Shekalim message. Here’s Mendel’s Friday Night message tieing together Mishpatim, Shekalim and blessing the new month of Adar, with… Feb 14th. 

Minyan looked tight for Shabbat morning, but thankfully we got a timely healthy Minyan (everyone knew they were needed) including Rabbi Laber and son who read the whole Parsha, Chloe’s father, Rabbi G, Eric and visiting freind Pinky, and students who made the effort to come on time despite the extreme cold. Lchaim President Tal orchestrated all the Shabbos Lunch food stuff, thanks also to Yoni and Larry. Over lunch, which was quite small, maybe 25-30 of us with the kids, Mendel shared the story titled “The Mirror” about money and perspective.