UAlbany gave off for Columbus Day this year, which allowed some students to travel home or to visit friends and family on other campuses. So, Shabbat Dinner was a little smaller this week, but still awesome vibe and atmosphere, and lots of spontaneous vibrant singing as people hung out late after dinner.

Special Guests this Shabbat included:

Rabbi Yossi and (Raizy’s sister) Mushky Bendet with their little Mendel; Bernice (of East Meadow) and KT (aunt of Rachel K.); Tani & Danyel (’07); Matt F. (’02) and a friend; Grant’s sister Arielle with her friend Joelle; Brianna from HAFTR; Josh (’07) and Kimi (’07) Sisskind from DC.

We had Minyans throughout, all the way through Sat Night Maariv and Kiddush Levana. Before Torah Reading we had a special Kiddush celebrating Sam J’s Bar-Mitzvah anniversary, with everyone sharing a toast in honor of the occasion. Sam read Haftorah. After Shabbat we had a Jamming Night with homemade pizza, great music and good times starting at 8:30pm and going past 10:30pm.