During the last week of Winter Break, Facebook caught up with us that we were using “Shabbos House” as a personal page. We had to make some quick changes, since Facebook is an very important primary communication tool for us. We converted “Shabbos House” to a PAGE (thanks for “liking” Shabbos House”) and we’re now using “Raizy Mendel Rubin” as our personal account.

Dear friends! Keeping in touch with both students and alumni is hugely important for us. We’re asking our friends to please:

FRIEND US “Raizy Mendel Rubin” at our personal account.

JOIN OUR GROUP “Shabbos House / Lchaim” this is primarily for current students as it will list details of upcoming events.

LIKE OUR PAGE “Shabbos House” where we will post news, updates and photos, a kind of mini-webpage about Shabbos House.

Thanks so much for BOTH liking, joining and friending us!

May we be in touch for good news!