We are very grateful for the many opportunities we had this summer to connect with alumni. As things turned out, we had alumni visiting nearly every Shabbat this summer! Thanks to weddings and engagements and baby circumcisions we celebrated with many alumni from over the years.

See this Alumni Page in our Spring/Summer 2015 “What’s Cooking?” newsletter update for pictures with alumni this spring and summer ranging from 1998 to 2013.

We had two summer reunions this year, one in Manhattan on Monday, August 17th, and the second one at an alumni home in West Hempstead on Sunday, August 30th.


Thanks to Zohar (’07) and Laura (’07) for making the arrangements once again at Adereth-El in Manhattan.

As it turns out, one of the synagogue’s co-presidents is an Albany alum from just around the time when Shabbos House got started in 1976. It was also very special to have Raizy’s parents, Rabbi and Mrs. Galperin and their daughter Sara surprise us as well! It was Bassie’s 10th birthday, so we had a delicious cake (everyone is gathered around the cake for this picture).

Most memorable at this alumni reunion was the opportunity to meet spouses and friends of alumni (some of whose parents both graduated from UAlbany) and to wish Mazal Tov in person to the most recent alumni engagement of a couple who have both been very active at Shabbos House.

We went around the room sharing a “within-reach” and “not-yet-within-reach” as it connected to the King-in-the-Field concept of the month of Elul. People shared meaningful and humorous things. And thanks to Jeff for a great Shofar blast!



Thanks so much to this reunion’s hosts: Shaun (’01) and Michelle along with Danyel (’07) and Tani, both of West Hempstead who hosted this most memorable and enjoyable reunion at Shaun and Michelle’s home. While we didn’t have as many attendees as originally reserved (turns out end of summer dates can be too busy for most) the reunion was so enjoyable and meaningful and we really enjoyed the setting, the people, the atmosphere and the huge spread of food! Our kids say this may have been the best reunion ever! It was fun for kids and adults alike, the relaxed setting and crowd size allowed for great conversations. And the food? What a spread! From sausage and peppers, to burgers and hotdogs, pulled smoked brisket (Dan’s special! from 2001), sweet and sour meatballs, all kinds of salads, with plenty of gluten-free options. We spent quality time with old friends, and heard some great stories. And thanks to all who were very supportive of Shabbos House as well.