SONY DSCAfter graduating in 2003, “Big Dave” has been back a number of times since, but this Labor Day 2014 visit was his first time up her with his wife and child and first time to the new, bigger and better Shabbos House.

Current students may not appreciate the contrast from the tight cramped old Shabbos House, but any old-timer alumni coming back for the first visit can’t get over it, even if they’ve seen pictures online or in the “What’s Cooking?” newsletter.

And not just at Shabbos House… they took a wak on campus to see the many new buildings and changes, and to show his wife where he went to school, because as much as things change, much remains the same!

And for us? Despite the years that have passed, more than a decade in this case, the memories keep flooding back!

This picture was also the last one with Mushky at Shabbos House before her trip down to NY for her flight to Israel. We look forward to her return here of course, but in the meantime want her to enjoy, maximize and absorb all that she can in Israel!! While we had to rush down to NY for an alumni engagment and to get Mushky and her stuff down there for her flight, Dave stayed with the students at Shabbos House for the Labor Day Minyan.