Although we weren’t able to do Alumni Visits in 2014, we got to see so many alumni, thanks to all who came up to visit, the weddings and special occasions, and … this is just a taste, we obviously missed people, and hope to fill it more soon! The list below is not in any particular order…


Obviously, the NYC Alumni Reunion is where we met the most people at one time. We got to see Justin and Masha and their son Benny from NJ. Ari and Ita and their son and daughter from Brooklyn. We haven’t seen Dan F. (Class of 2004) in quite some time, he’s now an accomplished playwright among other things.

Rachel H. and her mom were on their way back from a wedding in Vermont, they stopped off to see the new building (she hadn’t been yet) and got to see newborn Rivka as well. Last time we saw Rachel it was at the shiva for her dad, so it was nice to meet under happier circumstances.

Dara and Ryan spent a Shabbos here with her brother Scott before he graduated. Brother and sister combined – they’ve spent quite a few years here, especially since Scott got his masters here as well. Both were very active at Shabbos House throughout their years.

Sisters Bethany and Natalie L. came by, they were in town for an award ceremony. Bethany works for a NYS Senator, and Natalie is an attorney.

Ed L., & Shaun and Michelle came up with their sons for July 4th weekend. Jevon came by for Shabbos lunch, and for that short time all the original 320 residents/housemates were reunited in the new 320 Shabbos House. They marveled at where the old 320 footprint was in relation to the new building. And yes, we still use the wooden Bima that they built together with Jevon’s grandfather Mr. Clinton.

We met Rimma A. at our Chabad on Campus conference, as it was located this past summer at a hotel exactly between where she lives and works.

Brett P.

Dave F. came by for a Cozy-Shabbat and sat down right next to Brian L. (back in Albany) after school, they were roommates freshmen year, more than a decade ago! Brian is now working in the NYS Senate Fellowship. Dave is still doing the same surgical equipment repair business he’s been doing for more than 15 years now.

Jon E. was the SA Chief Justice back in the day, and after studying law in Austin Texas and working for a NYC law firm, now works for Governor Cuomo. We haven’t seen him since his graduation in 2001, so we had very enjoyable time catching up on old memories at Cozy-Shabbat.

Over the summer we had wonderful