Dear Friends,

Like it or not, there’s a lot of buzz about the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially as we approach the New Year and another series of enrollment deadlines. Without getting involved in those technical or political issues, there’s a relevant Shabbos House message:

Affordable Care? Act!

Shabbos House provides spiritual, emotional, and communal (but not health!) CARE for hundreds of students in our “exchange” each year. It’s not just a matter of meals. It’s the atmosphere, sense of community (or exchange if you will), investment in the individual, and personal attention and love. As Mushky studies now for her SAT’s, several alumni said, “Hope our reading to her paid off!” and indeed it surely will, Shabbos House is truly an extended family feel! Care goes into everything.

And it’s AFFORDABLE care! Rates are low and costs are efficient. Few organizations do the scope of programming for this amount of people on a budget this size. Pre-existing conditions are not an issue for us, and some stay on the plan through grad school, and can even get some coverage beyond.

How is this possible? Because of those who ACT! It’s the parents, friends and alumni who actively support Shabbos House, with contributions large or small: now and then, once or several times or year, or some do it monthly.

Another issue with ACA was the glitches with website, and that for a while was an issue for us as well. The old website was long overdue for a rehaul, and updates became difficult so it remained stale. While we still have some pages to fill and albums to upload, our new website is crisp, clearer, easier to navigate and update, and while not perfect, also quite adaptable to mobile applications.

Thanks to all who contribute year ’round, and special thanks to those alumni who contributed in the last few days, closing our remainder gap for last semester down by several thousand dollars. Our gap is closing! And we have to start the new semester, too. For those who’d like to contribute before year’s end go to: Thanks!

Happy 2014 to all!

Mendel and Raizy

P.S. Please understand that we used the ACA as a humorous and light medium to depict Shabbos House in this email, but is not meant in any way to represent Shabbos House as a healthplan or provider, and we are not advocating either for or against this healthcare law in any way, shape or form.

Thanks to our brother-in-law Rabbi Moshe Wolf of Cheder Lubavitch of Chicago for this creative concept which we tweaked in our own style. May everyone have all the blessings and success to thrive in today’s challenging world, and to stay healthy and be happy!