Today we are all Miriam.

In this week’s Torah portion of Shmos we read how Miriam placed her baby brother Moshe’s basket in the Nile, it floated away out of reach, beyond her control, in a time of crisis and peril for her people. But she dare not leave! Miriam stood behind the reeds, watching, waiting, worried and concerned – and hopeful.

We may be at great distance, and it may be beyond our control, but we feel deeply connected with those in Paris. We wish for them and for people everywhere a Shabbat filled with Shalom.


Sometime this Friday, #Kosher was trending on Twitter. Wish it was for a different reason than the terrible terror tragedy at the HyperCacher Kosher supermarket in Paris.


Many Paris synagogues are closed tonight for security reasons. Today Jews in Paris were kept hostage and some killed while shopping for Kosher food for Shabbat. This is all the more reason for us to stand in solidarity with them, to join at the synagogue in prayer and in eating Shabbat dinner tonight, wherever we may be.

#JeSuisJuif #JeSuisJuifFrancais #JeSuisAhmed #JeSuisCharlie