July 5th 2014, marks the 25th anniversary since the first episode of “Seinfeld”. What’s the Jewish message?

Actually, Dr. Laura N. (Class of 2007) prepared an in-depth Torah-Tues class on this very topic in 2006, but here’s another message, thought of right on the spot at the Shabbos Table by Ben Z. (Class of 2012 & 2014):

Seinfeld is known to be a show about nothing. In fact, in one episode, they say that very thing. There’s no specific plot or theme, but it is  filled with humorous personality quirks, complexities of interpersonal relationships, and a closer look at (the humor in) everyday life. Anyone who has “gotten into” Seinfeld will never think it is a show about nothing, it is so rich and colorful and so deeply human, and such a rich and insightful take on life in New York (at that time).

The same is true of Shabbos: People who haven’t experienced it often think Shabbos is about nothing. You can’t do this or that, it’s boring, there’s nothing to do. But then you realize that Shabbos is a time of increased emphasis on interpersonal relationships, focus on family, a closer look at life, a richer taste of our Jewish experiences and Torah study. Shabbos is the richest day of the week!