Every year around the Rebbe’s Yartzeit (anniversary of his 1994 passing) on Gimmel (3rd of) Tammuz, we like to share a spectrum of memories, insights, teachings and impressions of the Rebbe. This year, for the 25th yarzteit, there have been a number of very interesting articles and videos posted online, and we’ll share some links here for you to read, learn and appreciate – when you can:

“Hidden Treasures” is a 12-minute film by JEM – Jewish Educational Media with a short talk of the Rebbe interspersed with 4 people’s individual stories with the Rebbe. From a former British chief Rabbi to a Brooklyn kid having trouble in school, a student leader at NYU to a major philanthropist. Very meaningful, worth watching. 

Every. Single. One. is a short Instagram-story style montage of Rebbe pictures, nano-teachings and few second videos. You can also see it here on Instagram

“rebbe of the Jewish people” by Yossi Klein HaLevy, author, commentator and think-tank senior fellow. Read down the story of “miracle in the taxi”. We heard Yossi speak in Albany recently, and get what he writes about disagreeing about a lot yet feeling close like family. Rebbe lived that and urged us to see Jewish peoplehood that way. 

“Me among the Believers” by Liel Leibovits, who writes some really good thought-provoking pieces for Tablet Magazine, reflects here on how Rebbe serves as a guide for us when we might otherwise fail at certain interpersonal values.

“Positivity Bias” is a new book (link is to Amazon) by Mendel Kalmenson of London a lighter nice read with Rebbe stories and teachings about positivity!

“Social Vision” is another new book, an academic work by Professor Philip Wexler with Eli Rubin (no relation to us, but a friend) and Michael Wexler about Rebbe’s views on things like public education, criminal justice reform, womens empowerment and more. This isn’t a light read but an in-depth dive into important issues of the day from the Rebbe’s perspective, written by academics. 

“One by One” is a new book by JEM of 66 first-person Rebbe stories, but isn’t out yet. It is a sequel of sorts to the longer-read “My Story” book of personal encounters with the Rebbe published by JEM Media a few years ago. 

Mrs. Garelick’s 770 Painting – is a short anecdote Raizy heard at the conclusion of the recent Chabad on Campus conference, just before Gimmel Tammuz. 

and locally, here in Albany NY, we’re commemorating the Rebbe’s 25th yartzeit with “My Rebbe Story – Albany Edition” on Wednesday