The theme for Shabbat 360 at UAlbany this year is “Envision the Possibilities”, so we’re going to try to come up with a bunch of Envision-themed concepts and messages in this Spring 2020 week leading up to Shabbat 360 2020, Friday, January 31st in the UAlbany Campus Center Ballroom, 7pm. 

This special annual event is co-sponsored by UAlbany Hillel, Shabbos House L’chaim, Ruach, Kehila and Great Danes for Israel and is SA Funded. This logo on left will be on the souvenir t-shirt distributed at the Shabbat Dinner. 

Keep checking back as we update this page each day leading up to Shabbat 360:

and when sharing or posted Shabbat 360 online, hashtag with #ualbanyShabbat360 – Thanks all for helping get the word our and inviting friends! 


Everyone knows this slogan, especially if you live in New York. It’s about awareness of possible danger and doing something about it instead of just keeping it to yourself. But the Rebbe always insists that if it is true in negative it’s all the more true with positive. So, let’s revisit this slogan this way: If you SEE something, if you can envision Shabbat 360 in your mind’s eye or heart’s feel, then SAY something: invite a friend, share it on social media, tell classmates, let people know! Don’t keep it to yourself – say something! 


This is old computer speak. It refers to the computer showing the final output layout as you write or edit it. Back then, a lot was in code, and it would be harder to envision end product from the monotone code you worked on, so WYSIWYG editors helped bridge the gap between the concept and reality, between the plan and the product. In non-computer parlance it means that whatever you see – that’s what is there, nothing more or nothing different. But for Shabbat 360 2020 here’s a twist on WYSIWYG, an inspirational thought: What you see – i.e. what you envision – is what you get. It takes envisioning to get something more than the normal and the expected. 


This week at Sunday Talmud (after the Minyan Brunch) we learned an amazingly relevant Talmud piece (Shabbat 119) that says “one who delights in the Shabbat merits a boundless heritage, like Jacob.” What’s boundless about Jacob’s heritage? Well, the bible says Abraham walked the length and width of the land, and Isaac is promised all those lands but Jacob is told “Ufaratzta!” to burst forth in all directions, north south east and west – no limits, a boundless heritage! This is a great message for #ualbanyShabbat360 when we’re trying to broaden the horizons, invite friends who might not usually come for Shabbat dinner, go beyond the norm, beyond the expected… Broaden the circle! Reach out, burst forth! 


We’re giving out sunglasses (online cute stuff) at the campus tables to promote #ualbanyShabbat360 this year. Wait, why sunglasses? They darken the image. Wouldn’t we want crisp clarity to “envision the possibilities”? Good question. But consider this, sunglasses (in summertime) help us filter out harmful rays or distracting brightness. Sometimes in order to properly focus and envision we have to minimize some distracting stuff or naysayers or things that get in the way of our vision. So sunglasses (and what they represent) can play an important role in working towards Shabbat 360! 


For the full insight into this classic children’s picture book see this post. In the meantime, and for Shabbat 360 2020’s “Envision” theme – here’s one interesting point: What does the animal on each page see? That is which is looking at me! We envision most that which looks back at us, that which sees us in return, that which we connect with. So let’s connect with Shabbat and with Jewish community and unity, and with our UAlbany campus family to the point, that this will look back at us and this is what we envision!